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The company, founded forty-three years ago by Jean-Claude Morin, has a reputation for offering services of exceptional quality. In fact, since its establishment, its criteria for experience, knowledge and skill have made it a thriving business that operates not only in the Eastern Townships, but throughout Quebec.


Jean-Claude Morin has a background in construction and industrial electricity. The quality of work is not limited to the wide range of installations offered by the company; it is also reflected in the service performed once the installations are in place. In addition, J.C. Morin Inc. is always on the lookout for the latest in residential, commercial and industrial electrical technologies. To serve its broad clientele, J.C. Morin Inc. has fifteen qualified employees who travel the roads of the Eastern Townships aboard a dozen trucks. Among these employees is Yvan Morin, the son of Jean-Claude Morin. Yvan has proudly taken over the business nine years ago. Marcel Despars, a specialist in the installation of automatic barrier gates, generators and communications equipment, has also been a cornerstone of the company for the last ten years.



Cutting-edge services


Jean-Claude Morin Inc. is able to provide a full range of well-known, cutting-edge electrical installations: heating systems using bioenergy, geothermics (heating using energy from the earth) and solar energy. In addition, Jean-Claude Morin Inc. is already installing electric floor heating in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as radiant heating systems (infrared). Indeed, residential terraces and restaurant patios are already benefiting from this type of heating. And that's not all. The company installs generators in the industrial and commercial sectors and automatic barriers in the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sectors. We are pioneers here at J.C. Morin! And we also offer post-installation service!



Other services


In addition to installing these devices, J.C. Morin checks and corrects grounding for buildings from all sectors and also detects and corrects magnetic fields. In its current building projects, J.C. Morin is now installing electrical wiring that counters the harmful effects of these fields on your health.


In this regard, J.C. Morin offers a service that is sure to be of interest to industry owners. This has to do with the detection and remediation of inrush currents. These currents are produced when an electrical device is turned on and, in the medium and long-term, damage equipment, which also consume excess power. If you are looking for a way to protect your equipment and significantly reduce your electricity costs, you now know where to go:


(Extracted from the Estrie Économique, October 2009)





J.C. Morin inc.  is always on the lookout for new technology

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